Oh, go ahead

Food stamps cancelled? Sure sure. Why not?


First Post!

First of all, I’m pretty terrible at blogging.  At least, so I think.  I write, but it’s mostly fiction.  I do graphic design, but that’s mostly based on fiction too.  I design banners and covers and icons for other people’s fictional works.  It’s fun, but it doesn’t get me a lot of design work.

But, recently I met this great group of people on The Bloggess‘ comments section, and we all bonded.  And I’d love to stay in touch with all of them, so I’m going to try to break out of my comfort zone and maintain a blog.  I’ll try it for a month, let’s hope that it sticks.  I’ve tumbled, I’d tweeted, I’ve facebooked.  Now, let’s try blogging.

One of the things, the major thing I guess, going on in my life is that I’m in danger of being evicted. Thanks to the lovely people on the Bloggess’ comment section, plus GoFundMe’s easy to create fundraiser sites, I’ve come up with most of the money.  Of course, I am still a few dollars short.  I guess that GFM and WePay take out a hefty fee, and I wish I’d realized that before making this.  But, it’s still the best thing I could’ve done in this situation.  I have not had good experiences with paypal and actually receiving funds.

What sort of things do people tend to blog about? What do you guys suggest I blog about? My life is NOT that interesting, but maybe I’m wrong.